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It was exactly what I wanted, and it bought so much joy to us on our wedding day! I think I was more excited about your cake than I was my dress! Everyone loved watching you decorate it and getting to meet you.


Mandi, this cake...is....just wow. I don't remember the last time I tasted a confection this delicious. Oh yes I do!! August. You have outdone yourself yet again.! ♥

-C. T.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Owen's Octopus Cake was Awesome and he is one Happy 3 year old!!!! YOU are the Best and I look forward to Ruth Ellen's Birthday for our next cake!!! :)

-E. J.

Mandi, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING CAKE! It was beautiful AND DELICIOUS! You are truly talented!


This cake was not only so stinkin' cute but it was oh sooo delicious!!!!!! You did an incredible job!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!


Dang, girl. You should, like, open a bakery, or something.


Oh my goodness!!! This is amazing!!! Thank you...Thank you...Thank you! There is going to be one happy little Star Wars fan tomorrow!


These things are redonkulously tasty. Real gluten flavor without the gluten!


Thank you so so much! It was a Super Hit!


It was delicious! Thank you so much!


Oh SWEET BABY JESUS LAWD!!!! I am such a lucky lady today!! You rock the freaking Casbah woman!!! Thank you sooooo much!


The kids LOVED this. I loved how good it tasted!


Not only gorgeous, it was delicious!


The cake was a huge success! Everyone loved it, especially the birthday girl!!


The cakes were absolutely delicious, not to mention they were beautiful and perfect.


Everyone loved this cake. AND it was yummy,. and I heard a lot of people say,. "wow,. I've never had fondant that tasted delicious!!!


Awesome chocolate cake! Guests loved it, and so did we!!! Couldn't be happier with this - thank you so much!!!


Thank you for my amazing birthday cake. It is beloved by many and counting.


Mandi the cake was awesome! Thanks for another great cake!


Cole LOVED his Mickey cake!


We loved this yummy cake!! and the polka dot inside was very neat


Kara loved her cake and it was yummy!


You were such a joy to work with! The cake was beautiful and it tasted wonderful! It was perfect!